Why join

NZFWC12.3’s role is to support businesses to implement the Target, Measure, Act framework and facilitate industry collaboration on food waste reduction.


The business opportunity


Showcase leadership in sustainability


Use a globally successful framework


Achieve impact in your business


Achieve impact through your supply chain


Work in partnership with Government

Benefits for Signatories

Lead and shape New Zealand’s food sector response to the climate crisis and food insecurity

Collaborate and innovate on food waste problems across the supply chain

Access industry insights and international and domestic best practice information

Share best practice in a pre-competitive space

Tell your stories in response to the climate crisis and food insecurity in national forums on food waste

Align with government priorities and influence action before regulation is necessary

Understand and manage your food waste, and its associated emissions for reporting

Improve operational performance and profitability, and create new revenue opportunities for waste

Reduce the environmental impact of your business

How we will help

Build capability

Tools, webinars and account management support

Build a case for action

Industry insights and collective reporting

Build knowledge

Member portal for case studies, research and best practice solutions

Build momentum

Comms to raise awareness, profile and inspire action

Build relationships

Facilitate a collaborative program of work

Be part of the discussion

As a Signatory your business will join our Signatory Committee which provides advice and guidance to our Executive Director as part of the ongoing development of the Kai Commitment and will work on collaborative activities.

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