Who’s involved

Kai Commitment is an initiative of the New Zealand Food Waste Champions 12.3 Trust, a charitable organisation that exists to accelerate progress toward UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3’s target – to halve food waste per capita by 2030 in Aotearoa New Zealand.



These leading food businesses have committed to targeting, measuring and acting on food waste reduction.

Board of Trustees

Miranda Mirosa headshot

Miranda Mirosa


Academic Staff Member,
Department of Food Science
University of Otago

Deborah Manning headshot

Deborah Manning

Founder and Director
Founder and Director
New Zealand Food Network

Sarah Pritchett headshot

Sarah Pritchett

Sector Projects Manager,
Love Food Hate Waste Lead

Andrew Fisher headshot

Andrew Fisher

Founder and Director
Ecostock, Ecogas

A Kai Commitment Signatory Committee has been established to provide technical input and insights to the Board of Trustees on the design and delivery of the Kai Commitment.


Establishment Supporters

Kai Commitment Team

Kaitlin Dawson

Project Lead

Executive Director
NZ Food Waste Champions 12.3 Trust

Lisa Busch

Policy & Design Lead

Jess Broun

Program & Account Manager

James Walker

Strategic & Governance Advisor


Kai Commitment is funded through Signatory fees and establishment support from the Ministry for the Environment. All money received goes directly to running the Kai Commitment program and targeting and tackling food waste reduction in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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